The other woman

He had a girl but then said he didn’t I just don’t understand if you love someone why would you cheat on them? If your not happy why don’t you just leave? I will never understand men! I asked him if he had a girl and he said No!

He makes loves to me like we are together but then,when he leaves my house that’s it. no text,no call it’s like we never even met but he always creeping up on me,checking my Instagram story everytime I post something, I know cuz his name pops up sometimes he may like a few of my pics. He doing that just to keep me in limbo,just because he says “I like you but I need to sort this shit out” what do you mean? you need to sort this shit out? How you going to come and give me the best sex I have ever had only to find out he has a girl!! The disrespect.

One thing is for sure I could never break up a relationship that’s why I have decided to back off.Can’t get him out my head I asked him “why did you lie to me about having a girlfriend”? Only for him to come up with some stupid excuse about they always arguing and he doesn’t even know what’s going on in their relationship and how her family doesn’t like him and blah, blah,blah blah. Some bullshit, do you want to be with her or do you want to be with me? He tells me how much he likes me and this was his exact words “I like you I like you a lot, I don’t want you to think I don’t cuz I do”…. great but what the fuck am I supposed to do with all of that? so I’m supposed to be his side chick,while you try and go sort shit out with your “girlfriend” meantime I just wait?no fuck that! Once a cheater always a cheater right? I did some FBI investigation and I found the other woman on Facebook. she’s talking about how he is her soulmate and have been together for nearly 8 years 8 fucking years men are trash. Hand on my heart I asked him do you have a girlfriend and he said no!! I never would’ve fucked with him if he said yes…

coming to my life and give me some good dick and I find out that he has a girlfriend and it’s like what I do? Is it fair? Do I deserve that. I don’t know,I really don’t know,I really,really,really don’t know, the fuckery is on level 100

Trust no one

When you realise the people you ride for don’t ride for you believe it. You can’t trust no one but your self and as I get older I realise that. How people you call friends and family can be soo selfish filled with jealousy,makes me sick I always want what best for the people around me,but it’s a shame the people around me don’t want the best for me. It’s cool I know how to play stupid.

Another woman

How I get myself into these situation I will never know once again men are trash!

So I met the perfect guy when I say the perfect guy what I really mean is he was the perfect guy till I met his BABY MAMMA/soon to be wife!!!!!

I was living my best life being single and carefree then he came along lets call him Joey,Joey came along and said so many sweet words to me everything was perfect. He was definitely my type of guy who is very handsome tall, nice dark skin, small eyes he was very attractive just what I like. But I knew there was something, something was just not right about him and I just couldn’t put my finger on it, so I shut down my instincts and I just said to myself I’m just thinking too deep into it like I’ve actually met the perfect guy he wants to spend the rest of his life with me he wants to marry me and I’m here thinking about the what ifs (am soo stoooopid I fall for guys soo quick) so I decided to give him a chance A chance I was later going to regret

So joey lives in London which is about three hours away from me I decided to go see him Wednesday and for some reason I kept calling it off I didn’t end up going on Wednesday so joey called me begging and bugging about wanting to see me so I told him I would come on Thursday which was the next day. Once a again guess who didn’t end up going?🙋‍♀️ that’s right. At that point I should have know I was not ment to go, he called begging 🥺 and begging, surely he must really like me I thought,boom now I booked a ticket for the next day which was Friday then guess who missed her train? Ok I didn’t miss the train I woke up and I just didn’t feel like going. Once again joey called and Yerp you know the drill… so I got my self ready and got on the next train.

He picked me up from London lord when I saw him my heart melted the smile on my face I was so glad I took that trip look at my perfect guy he gave me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead.(the devil kiss I call it) the am going to trap your soul kiss. Anyways we went to his house. Very beautiful place, he lived there with his sister she wasn’t in when I got to the house. So we chilled watched a movie one kiss lead to another and it’s going down.. (I know fucking hell kataya you only just met him and you bouncing on his dick) trust I know but the mood was right, and the size of that bad boy holy water wash my sins away 😂😂..

As we doing our dirt is sister come in the house. And she opened the door, she didn’t see nothing tho. Later that evening joey told me to get ready that he was taking me out for meal so I did just that. We went out to this beautiful restaurant the food was just delicious and they made amazing cocktails I had about 5 cocktails and at that point I was tipsy I wanted to go back to his and get round 2 of that dick. He paid of the bill and off we went. Got back to joey’s house and out came a girl from his sisters room me I thought it was his sister as I didn’t really get to see her face.

So at this point am like oh hey girl wash pooppppppping then she asked me are you drunk and am like hell yesssssssss don’t ask me where joey was at this point cuz it’s like he vanished for 20secs while this convo was going on Then she asked me who are you and how long has this been going on then boom 💥 he appeared then his sister comes out thennnnnn I hear a baby crying 😂😂😂 then he come and pulls her out

At this point am like what the fuck is going on cuz am confused I fort he only had one sister? So this girl comes back into the room and start questioning the relationships between me and him so I asked her what the relationship between her and him was and she said am the baby mamma soon-to-be wife………………

am over it at this point! Over it. So I gave him couple of punches in front of his family I packed my shit got a Uber and checked in the nearest hotel 🤷🏽‍♀️ my life is sooo cursed I wonder how many women my Dad fucked over cuz one of them must have put a curse on him! 😩😩 and am the result of it..


What do you do when loosing is all you face? No matter what you do no matter how hard you try, you just keep falling? I tell you,nothing. There’s nothing you can do but to just let it happen. I wake up each morning trying to find answers to my solution and each time I don’t get an answer I get colder. I don’t know how I feel anymore my heart is sooo heavy i feel like taking it out! My eyes are full of water yet non can come out. Will things ever change? I don’t think I can walk in these shoes anymore, they can’t be for me. They are worn out,my toes are hanging out of them! Time to throw them away! But then I would be bare foot! Fuck my life you won’t understand!


Sooo I danced today. I thought it would be hard for me,but I actually did good I Defo am on a mission and am going for it! And am going hard! Strong and confident. I will get my shop! I will became successful and you know what? I don’t regret it for I have a goal to score!

Final test.!

What if? But could it be? All in my head right? Do I take the risk? Do I take the chance? It’s all 50/50 it could go really good or it can go really bad! Fuck! I feel like… hmm…..how do I feel? ???How do I feel? I really don’t know how I feel.

Edit: so I was thinking dym am really going back to the strip club? It has really gotten to this? Like for real… then boom I get a call from the premier Inn ppl and the lady said

Hi kataya it’s liz from premier Inn first of all I would like to apologies if it was left for me you would have started last week. But I just need you to do it the long way. So I have to go on the site and do this little test then I can come up on the system then they can send me the offer pack.

After I spoke to her I said God I hate you! Why you doing this to me. And I broke into tears cuz I felt relieved that I got my sign I was asking for so guess who’s not going back to the strip club?

That was soo close, but God is involved

On Sunday when it hit me I was going back to the strip club

I got on my knee and I cried out to him my heart is heavy I couldn’t Handle it no more I begged him “God please. Don’t let me go back. Please God I don’t want to go back there. I don’t know what to do. God please help me for I am in pain,sorrow has fallen upon me. I am broken. I have no one but you, please help me oh lord. I cried and cried.Then I stopped and said lord if i am ment to go back, just be on my side I wiped my tears away took a deep breath and went on with life.